Auckland Prison upgrade

 October 2017

The Paremoremo prison is in the final stages of completion. Our dedicated team of 10 crew led by our Project manager Bryce Deeley, have been working on a range of projects including door and window grouting, sealant application and specialist coatings. We have a support team of subbies to assist us in this complex and multi-tiered work front. The final coat of Sikafloor 315 is being applied to all walkways and corridors. The floors is abraded and scrubbed with the Clenco floor scrubber prior to this last coat to ensure a clean dust free surface.

Working closely with the  Fletchers Site  managers we have applied over 70m3  of Sika 212 grout, 22000Lm of non pick sealant and over 8000m2 of specialist coatings. All the cells and prison accessible areas have Sikadur 51 applied to any surface that a credit card can be hidden in.

All QA is record and uploaded via the Conqa QA 

Fletcher Construction are building a new prison next to the original “Pare” prison. The existing prion was built in the early 1960s and new technology and a growing population require a larger facility,

Housing 264 cells with Specialist wings and a fully integrated security support system, the new facility is due to open late 2017,

Topcoat has been on site from November 2016, with a team of 6-8 specialist applicators. Our scope includes applying specialist Sika epoxy coatings to the cells and corridors. Due to the nature of the environment all minute cracks are sealed with a high modulus non pick sealant. The steel doors ae also grouted via pump units with Sika high strength 215 grout.
The epoxy coating programme will continue till mid late 2017.

Conqa have been assisting with our on-line QA support system, which is proving to be a smart and innovative solution to capturing key information at time of application. For more info visit



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